by Michelle Dyett-Welcome



mustard flower image


 Mustard: Experiencing bouts sudden depression without a reason, which can lift just as suddenly.

Bach flower image

Elm: Feeling overwhelmed due to work, life and you feel exhausted and depressed.

 Sweet Chestnut image

Sweet Chestnut: When anguish feels unbearable, and your mind and body seems as if it has been pushed beyond the limits of endurance and only annihilation and destruction awaits you.

Willow image

Willow: For those who have suffered misfortune or great hardship, which they find challenging to accept.

 Gorse Flower image

Gorse: Great hopelessness, an overwhelming belief that there is little hope of relief.

Gentian Bach Flower image

Gentian: Easily discouraged after a trivial set back. Quickly disheartened when faces with challenges and are often pessimistic and skeptical.

Larch Bach Flower

Larch: Feel depressed and lacking self-esteem and self-confidence.