Ram Reviews

by Michelle Dyett-Welcome

What we watch and listen to is as important to our health as what we consume. That is why we at Ram Bible Studies believe in ingesting the Word of God in high dosages daily! We do recognize that seasonings help foods taste better. But which seasonings? By the help of the Lord it is our desire to identify books, DVD’s, CD’s, or other helpful aids that will assist you in your reddening process before the Lord.

We will review the items. Give the reasons for our ratings. We will not bash or spread urine or defile by smearing people or their work with dung. We will only state how it is in line with the Word of God or how it is not. This is the litmus test. It is the Word of God that will redden us. It is the Spirit of God that will led us through the process of reddening. And it is with the mind of Christ that we will think as reddened Rams!

At the end of the reviews there may be links where you can purchase the DVD’s, CD’s, books or other helpful aid from the author. Ram Bible Studies may get an affiliate commission from your purchase if it is through an affiliate program such as Amazon. This however will not influence our review. We fear God more than we love money.

If this concerns you, but you would like to purchase the product(s) please buy it directly from the authors website or through Amazon or any other site of your liking. It is our hope that you will sow blessings for each person that is sowing blessings for the body of Christ and for the Kingdom of God!

We have every confidence that God will provide for all of our needs “. . .according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 KJV