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by Michelle Dyett-Welcome

Righteous RAM | Growing in the pattern of Christ the Righteous Ram of God.

Jesus Christ came to continue the house of God, by opening a way for many to become the begotten sons of God by the shedding of his blood and the reddening of God’s Word.

Bible Lesson | Structure

We have designed our post and articles differently than other Bible study sites intentionally. It is our belief that in order to become a RAM we each must search things out to a certain degree.

As babies, an adult fed each. As toddlers, we need assistance now and again but we start to develop skills, which allow us to get the food needed into our mouth with our hands. As we grow and develop, we are able to do more and more accumulating the skills and knowledge that we need to navigate life.

Hebrew | Greek Reference Numbers

It is this same premise that is at the root of Ram Bible Studies. The Bible lessons utilize the Hebrew or Greek reference numbers throughout with their root meanings.

Scripture | Links

The scripture focus in the lesson included these reference numbers with a direct link to Blue Letter Bible where you can trace the roots of the words, see the original Hebrew or Greek of the words, and view the Lexicon.

“It is the glory H3519 of God H430 to conceal H5641 a thing: H1697 but the honour H3519 of kings H4428 is to search out H2713 a matter.” H1697.” Proverbs 25:2

It is to the honor, praise, and renown of God to conceal a thing but it is to our esteem, high respect, or privilege to search it out. The word king above comes from H4428, which means king, but the root meaning is derived from H4427, which means to become king or queen, to reign.

For those who desire to become kings, who desire to reign after the pattern of Jesus the prominent RAM. Search the matter out.

Milk | Meat

Each lesson is gives you an opportunity to search, grow and develop your skills in the Lord.

“I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.” 1 Corinthians 3:2

 How do you want to be fed with milk or meat?

Peasant | King (in training)

Do you want to be a peasant or a King? God takes each of his children by the hand and trains them in the way they should go. He yokes us to himself so that we can learn how to walk coupled to him. Thus, we walk together because we agree.

However, everything hinges on whether we are willing to complete our training, for that is the only way to be reddened after the pattern of Jesus the first-born son, the prominent ram.