Phroneō: Mind with Spiritual Understanding

by Michelle Dyett-Welcome

in Bible Lessons, Oneness in Christ

Oneness at the table of God

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”

 Philippians 2:5

As we examine the Greek word phroneō, we discover that it has depth to it. It’s not the brain but the functions, duties, and responsibilities of the brain. Daily we make decisions that we’re not aware of. Our minds automatically carries out its function with precision.

Likewise, the mind of Christ has been proven in its ability to carry out the functions of God in the body of Christ. It is able to fulfill all that is expected with perfection. Therefore, when we are admonished to let this mind be in us it is because the mind of Christ is more than competent to complete the task for which God commissioned it.

What is included with the mind of Christ? What are the benefits for us? The mind of Christ has the ability to make us wise in spiritual and earthly matters. It increases our understanding so that we can go beyond what is revealed to us naturally and see what lurks in the shadows of the spirit realm. Christ’s mind helps us to govern our feelings and to think rightly about matters. But it also has the ability to help us grow in true modesty so that we will not think to highly of ourselves than we ought to.

Furthermore, the mind of our savior enables us to establish sound opinions, exercise proper judgment, and strive for what pleases God. Only his mind can rightly align us with the will of the Father and help us to seek to please God rather than ourselves. The mind of Christ will cause our desires to be one with his—we will have the same view as Jehovah.

“I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche, that they be of the same mind in the Lord.”

Philippians 4:1

The Greek word for same means of the same atmospheric region. It is to breathe unconsciously. Therefore, we have a choice . . .  we can be in the higher rarer atmospheric region of God or remain in the lower denser air where the temporal and fallen exist and find pleasure.

Christ has presented this opportunity to us. Each time we allow his mind to be in us we tear down an old structure from the old kingdom, which once had us bound, and place a new brick for the kingdom of God. If we continue to unto the end, we will be glorious monuments unto the Lord, amen!

Food for thought

  • Is your mind functioning the way it ought to be?
  • Have you given Christ permission to set up residence with in you completely, unreservedly?
  • What structures in your thinking do you still want to come down but find your strength diminished to tear it down yourself?
  • What region of the atmosphere do you spend most of your time?
  • Are you ready to travel to higher heights in the Lord?


Lord, we are grateful for your instruction to us. We pray for all who are reading this word and giving it careful consideration. Father establish what is true and right in their hearts. Help them wherein they struggle. Lord pay attention to their prayers and meet their need. Renew their strength and pour out your grace upon them in the name of Jesus.

Help us with inconsistency. Help us with erroneous thoughts and deliver us from its snare. Father we want to come up to reside with you. We want to live on the mount of the Lord. Where you help us to see from a higher vantage point. Lord do not allow us to be a victim of the enemy. Help us to be victors in Jesus name.

Father we get weak from battle, please renew our strength. At times, we are not alert, quicken us so that we will see the enemy’s approach whether at noon or night, from the front or the back, and cause us to see as you see. Clothe us in the mind of understanding in all that we do, think, contemplate, and judge in Jesus name, amen.

Going beyond

Please lift up your own prayer of covering over this lesson for all believers. Saturate it with your petition before the Lord and place a demand on it. What would you like to see happen in your life, in the life of a loved one, in the life of a non-believer?


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