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by Michelle Dyett-Welcome

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Oneness at the table of God |

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”

Philippians 2:5

Many of us quote Philippians 2:5 without taking a serious note of the subtle fact that we must choose to allow the mind of Christ to be in us, it does not come automatically. We are, to continually select the way of spiritual wisdom in our thinking, feelings, opinions, and judgments.  To seek the interest of God with the advantage of the kingdom, before our own. It is to align ourselves on the side of Christ in all things especially in public affairs and matters. It is to agree and cherish the same views, to be in harmony after the similitude of the Godhead.

This is what the Bible study page is about, helping the body of Christ come into alignment with God though the process of establishing Christ’s mind in us. Disagreements may come which is normal but our prayer should be that we will not allow it to cause division. If necessary, we should reserve judgment, place the matter on the shelf, and trust God to make the truth known to us whatever that truth maybe. Once it is revealed, we are to commit ourselves to the establishment of that truth in our lives.

The only thing we should hold on to with an iron grip is Christ. For we are all moving from glory to glory and faith to faith. This process by its nature means our thoughts, views, opinions, actions, and understanding will change by getting deeper and fuller.

If we remain in the same, fixed in the identical position as when we first started in the Lord then we are stunted. No fruit on a tree with life flowing through it can remain the same size likewise; as we remain connected to Christ, we should grow!

We cannot agree to disagree for that opens the door for discord, strife, contentions and the enemy will exploit it. Rather let us say Lord enlighten our understanding, reveal to us what we need to know, teach us what we ought to do.

Some of us will respond quicker than others but God alone knows the best way to illuminate his lessons in the lives of his children. He said he will teach us because of the anointing that is with us (1 John 2:27).

Therefore, let us pray for increased anointing! Let us give him permission to, establish his mind within us. Let us declare that the body will be unified to this end. Each of us has a different function in the body but our minds should be the same—it is to control, instruct, inspire, and regulate us and that mind is Christ.

Food for thought

  • Are there things in your life, which you allow to cause division?
  • Are there thoughts, opinions, judgments you hold on to that need to be viewed with the mind of righteousness?
  • Are you willing to reserve judgment until God reveals what the proper position is for you to take in the matter?

Are you willing to join in prayer for increased anointing, the establishment of the mind of Christ in every believer, and unification (oneness) of the brethren?


Father in the name of Jesus, we thank you for this lesson. We thank you for truth, and we bless you for the opportunity to be rightly established. Lord we consent and agree that the mind of Christ shall be established in us. We desire that it will instruct, inspire, teach, keep, and regulate us. That our functioning as children of God will be governed completely by the mind of Christ.

Help us to be righteous before you, in that, when we fall we will get up again, in the name of Jesus. Father let us be quick to forgive, to understand, and to have patience. Cause our responses to be prompted and to spring from genuine love. Lord reveal to us those things that have been kept hidden from us and cause us to see, as we ought to.

In this season set the atmosphere around us as you cause us to ascend unto the mountain of the Lord. We want to fellowship with you in heavenly realms. Bend low to us and lift us by your grace, strengthen us by your power, and keep us by your love, we pray, amen.

Going beyond

Please lift up your own prayer of covering over this lesson for other believers. Saturate it with your petition before the Lord.

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