The Home Hypnotist| DVD

by Michelle Dyett-Welcome


Title DVD| ©2012 The Home Hypnotist

Produced By|Little Light Studios

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Running Time| 51 minutes

Audio (Subtitle) Options| English (Spanish)

Presenter(s)|Thom Mayer

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Brief Overview

Are you aware of what is happening to you when you watch TV? Are you conscious of the thousands of subliminal messages that are transmitted to your brain which influence your thinking, behavior, appetites or desires?

Are you aware that they are slowly reprogramming the way that you think? That you are in fact being hypnotized! Or that there is a deliberate targeting of our children to nag us into buying products which is nothing short of social manipulation. Ethics is not the issue sales is their only concern.

The average person is exposed to 3-10,000 brand logo exposures each day through subliminal messages in commercials, movies, and shows.

DVD Review

Reviewed by|Reddened Ram
Rating| 5 of 5 stars

Outrage! When I watched The Home Hypnotist, I was filled with outrage. I was appalled at how far we have sunk as a society where marketers no longer were concerned with ethics. They no longer concerned themselves if it was right or not to market to children and induce them to become nags. That they would openly state that their only concern was to sell their product without regard to the effect it would have on the child or the family.

Thom Mayer in the Home Hypnotist revealed startling information about the blinking light of the television screen and how it hypnoses people. How advertisers are using subliminal messages to predispose consumers to their products to build brand familiarity or affinity, when in fact they may have had no prior relationship with the brand or company at all. They are hypnotizing people to increase sales. Which is unethical and wrong!

But how are they able to do this? They plant triggers in your memory. This can be done with songs, beats, phrases. The key is to have them repeated over and over and over again. This is how they are imbedded. Rhythmic blocks or the repetition of commercials for example increase the effectiveness.

The key to their effectiveness lies in one word entertainment. They are able to entertain us. When we understand what the word entertainment means we will really understand what is going on, and why what they are doing is so dangerous for us as a society and especially for our children.

Let’s look at the word entertainment.


The first part of the word enter means to come in. The word tain means to possess. While the word ment means to keep in a state of. When all three components are put together it means to be detained so that something can enter or possess you. Or something wants to come in to possess you and then keep you in a state of possession.

This is not a laughing matter. It is serious business. They keep us in a state of not thinking through amusement. (The prefix a in Greek means not. The word muse is to think carefully. The suffix ment means process of doing something.) As we are in this state, they can come in, possess us and then keep us in this sate of possession.

It is interesting to note that within 30 seconds of starting to watch television that our frontal lobe (which is our thinking, analytical, and spiritual center of our brain) actually shuts off.

Professor Herbert Krugman, stated in the Journal of Advertising Research that within 30 seconds of turning on the television, our brains become neurologically less able to make judgments about what we see and hear on the screen.

Television shuts off the brain quickly. Then it downloads huge quantities of information into our brains, which is not thought about at the time of the download, but it brainwashes us. Dr. Aric Sigman believes that when you get to the heart of the matter the medium of television brainwashes people.

If you are interested in preventing further damage to your brain, or you are seeking knowledge so that you do not have to perish, then you will want to view The Home Hypnotist. Television decreases IQ, damages the brain, decreases creativity, and it opens the door for others to influence our behavior, and thoughts.

In all things, we should be sober and vigilant and this is especially true when we are watching television. We should never be without the mind of Christ fully active and engaged. Our frontal lobe should always be on!

It starts with the first step. Put on the helmet of salvation (Eph. 6:17). Then lift everything up through prayer and supplication (Eph 6:18). After seeking God for guidance, pick up a copy of The Home Hypnotist to become more knowledgeable about the schemes and devices of the enemy! (2 Corinthians 2:11, Romans 1:13-32).

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