Battlefield Hollywood False System of Worship |DVD

by Michelle Dyett-Welcome

Are you worshiping another God?

Whom are you giving your worship to? Could you be giving your worship to Satan or other gods through the exalted ones or stars?

Title DVD| ©2012 Battlefield Hollywood False System of Worship

Produced By|Little Light Studios  

Presenter(s)|Scotty Mayer

Rated or Unrated|Unrated, parental discretion advised

Audio (Subtitle) Options|English (Spanish, Portuguese, French)

Running Time|60 minutes

Brief Overview

Little Light Studios was founded by three former Hollywood film crew-members with a burning mission to expose the TRUTH. Their DVD’s are eye opening to believers as well as non-believers. They reveal the diabolical plan of Satan and his human accomplices to enslave the masses especially our youth by taking over our minds by shutting off our frontal lobe activity, substituting false gods, implanting subtle suggestions while viewers are in a hypnotic state, and changing our moral beliefs while tearing down our inner inhibitions.

Battlefield Hollywood

False System of Worship DVD specifically examines the phenomenon of celebrity worship and its adverse effect on modern society and by extension our families and mental state. The presentation was filmed at the 2008 Soquel Camp Meeting in central California. This series is comprised of SIX different talks pertaining to the entertainment industry and is available for purchase individually or as part of a compilation set at

DVD Review

Reviewed by|Reddened Ram
Rating| 5 of 5 stars

What is worship? Who or what should we worship? There was a time when the answers to these questions would have been clear. Today there are so many gods (things) vying for our time and attention that we are in essence giving worship to.

Scotty Mayer the presenter in the DVD Battlefield Hollywood False System of Worship DVD points out that there is a battle going on, whether we chose to believe it or not. Satanist and Freemasons have targeted our children and the medium of choice is the “family altar” also known as the T.V.

Through this vehicle, they are able to influence and corrupt our youth, hypnotize us, and subtly program us. Mr. Mayer provides historical data, which enlightens the viewer, that there is a sinister plan to take over and undermine truth, righteousness, and to evict God (the true God) from his rightful place in the hearts and minds of men.

What is clear is that many, who mindlessly play the games, watch the movies, laugh at the jokes, are unaware that they are slowly being influenced and reprogrammed this lack of knowledge will as the Bible says, will cause many to “perish” (Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 5:23, Proverbs 10:21).

What we don’t know as viewers and as parents can be detrimental. Many of the actors that we watch on the big screen have pledged their souls to Satan or are possessed by over 30 different demons. What may shock you is that they freely and openly admit it in print and in interviews.

Many consult spirit forces in order to act out the characters role, while others are given their scripts from these forces through automatic writing. Thus, the source of their creativity is from the demonic realm and not from them at all.

Personally I was shocked to learn that Peter Stellers, Denzel Washington, Nat King Cole, Walt Disney, Warner, Johnny Depp, and Mae West among others either sold their souls to the devil, or are open about being possessed by spiritual entities (demonic) which help them to act and bring the character they play to life. Several others openly stated that they worship Satan, or serpent gods, or consult the forces.

They call evil good and good evil. They make a mockery of righteousness. And they endorse evil by blurring the lines, sowing confusion, and darkness.

 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20.

Yet by the millions we flock to box office to support them in their latest movie, we watch their worship (award) ceremonies, we follow their lives with great interest as we allow our lives to fall apart. In essence, we give them worship!

The battle is for the hearts and minds of man. Scotty Mayer’s presentation made this fact so evident. Like sheep, we are led to slaughter as we ingest the amusement and please from the big screen.

Looking at the word amusement closer we will see what it is that is really going on. By dividing it up into three components we will see what happens to us when we watch movies.


The prefix a from the Greek origin means not; or without. The word muse from the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary ( is defined as to think about something carefully or thoroughly, to think or say (something) in a thoughtful way.

The word ment which is a suffix is defined as the action or process of doing something, the product or result of an action.

When the word is put together, it is the process of not thinking carefully or thoroughly about something.

As we watch television shows, movies, and we are amused by Hollywood we are not thinking carefully about what it is that they are training us to think, believe, or worship.

Battlefield Hollywood

False System of Worship DVD is a wakeup call for those who desire to muse. It is for those who want to go through the process of musing. If you want to turn on your frontal lobe then you will want to start by picking up a copy of False System of Worship. If you want discover how they subtly influence who you worship so you can guard against it then arm yourself with the Word of God and a copy of this DVD.

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