Oneness of Heart and Mind

by Michelle Dyett-Welcome

in Bible Lessons, Oneness in Christ

“I beseech Euodias, and beseech Syntyche, that they be of the same mind in the Lord.” | Ram Bible Studies

Oneness of heart and mind

Philippians 4:1

The Greek word parakaleō in Philippians 4:1 for beseech means to call to one’s side. It means to summon, entreat, call by name, to command, and to order. It also has the connotation of teaching, instructing, comforting, and to strengthening. Paul’s words to Euodias and Syntyche speaks of his calling them together in order that they could be taught.

According to the Greek meaning of parakaleō, we understand that Paul’s words were not suggestive but rather a command. In the body of Christ division is not to take place for it is not the pattern of heaven. It’s not reflective of the Godhead; therefore, we strive for oneness in mind and heart. How can this be achieved? Only with the mind of Christ ruling and reigning in each one of us to the full.

The words of Paul ooze with care and concern. He provided corrective instruction, which came from a heart burdened with love. His words were released with strengthening power, support, and encouragement.

Furthermore, these scriptures are still as potent today as before. We can substitute the names of Euodias and Syntyche for our own as we embrace the appeal and command of Paul. Brethren, as we proceed on in our walk with Christ may we all be of the same mind as our Lord.

May we embrace sound doctrine, grow in wisdom, become fat (precious, valuable, abundant) with understanding, be enlightened by revelation, harmonious in unity, which is in Jesus, amen.

Food for thought

  • Are you willing to allow the mind of Christ to strengthen you daily?
  • What tangible steps can you take now to stay the course of establishment?
  • From your list, choose one thing to work on for the next 7-21 days so that the mind of Christ will be firmly established in that area of your life.

In your home, community, family or at your job is there someone with whom you are at odds? Is that person a believer? If so, are you willing to allow God to fashion your thoughts, feelings, judgements, opinions, and emotions regarding that person?


Dear Lord, we call upon your great and magnificent name. We thank you that you hear our prayers even before we speak them! Lord we desire to be fashioned like you, to be made new from our head top to our foot bottoms. Lord, only you can design such a structure that will bring honor to your name. Do it for us.

Lord we confess that we have not allowed you to work in us, as we should have. We have usurped control of our lives from your hands more times, than we care to admit. But we thank you for your patience with us and for your kindness towards us. There are people in our lives who we have been at odds with for silly reasons, forgive us. Help us to allow your mind to renew our thoughts and rekindle the love of God within us for that individual.

Lord helps us to love the way we should here on earth so that we can make it to the kingdom of heaven. Free our feet from the entanglements of the enemy and cause our walk before you to be unhindered, in the name of Jesus.

Father we love you and we thank because we are confident that all we have asked has been granted unto us, in Jesus name, amen.

Going beyond

Take time to listen to the Lord. What is he asking you to pray? Pray in faith, believing, and we all will agree, in Jesus name, amen. For those of us who pray in the spirit please do so and seal it all under the blood, amen.

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